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Paloma Sanchez Santana:
Social Media, Advertising, Website, Photography, Newsletter.

Abigail Teets:
Photography, Pitch Deck, Advertising, Logo Design.

Rachel Arthur:
Website, Illustrations  

Veritas Zero Proof Gin

Veritas Zero Proof Gin provides an authentic, delicious, and exceptional drinking experience — without the negative effects of alcohol. Veritas is distilled with the same natural ingredients and with the same process as traditional gin, so you have the freedom to enjoy a craft cocktail or a night out with total clarity of mind. 

Rebrand Overview

In order to appeal to the American market, Herbie Virgin is rebranding as Veritas Zero Proof Gin, since the name Herbie sounded unsophisticated and young compared to competitive brands in the marketspace. The goal is to appeal to an audience that is professional and will appreciate the authentic experience that accompanies a quality, alcohol-free spirit.

Color Palette + Typography

Editorial Advertisments 

Social Media + Web 


Veritas focuses not only on the product, but the lifestyle

of clarity and wellness. This newsletter was created
to promote healthier living through articles, while promoting
Veritas Zero Proof Gin recipes. 

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