End Private Prisons

Art Direction +Branding 

Rebrand of an existing non-profit organization know as
Abolish Private Prisons. Abolish Private Prisons does not
register as quickly and effectively. By changing the name
from Abolish to End, it communicates the message of the
non-profit clearly.

Brand Overview

End Private Prisons was founded by a group of lawyers, professors, 
and community advocates with a simple purpose – to end for-profit
private prisons in the United States by challenging the courts.

Logo Design 

In order to achieve the logo, I printed out logo type and took a quarter
to physically scratch out the ink in order to seperate the letters.
I scanned the logo back in and below is the final version of the logo. 

Color Palette + Typography


A visual guide to the disproprionate imprisonment of brown
and black people in prison + private prison industries.

Social Media + Web



These posters were created to show the financial ties that
private prison companies have with big banks.

Let’s Create!

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