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All: Art Direction, Research,  Identity Exploration, Advertising, Packaging 
Paloma Sanchez Santana
Trademark Design, Typography, Website, Taglines, Product Design Layout, Copywriting

Megan Hicks
Trademark Design, Color, Pitch Deck Layout, Website, Copywriting, Ephemera

Lynz Candace
Website, Icons, Ephemera
Lizy Ainsworth
Advertising, Social Media, Logo Illustration

Dr. Squatch

Dr. Squatch empowers men by changing the approach to hygiene through natural, healthy products that make you feel like a man and smell like an adventure.

Rebrand Overview 

The current marketing strategies for this brand are heavily based on quirky humor and memes. By updating this brand, we can elevate the brand voice as well as the visual direction and increase the Dr. Squatch audience.

Updated Target Audience

— Men who care about natural & organic products

— Lovers & supporters of USA made products

— Adventure junkies, wilderness enthusiasts

— Men who are empowered & comfortable in their skin

— 25–45 (young adults)

Color Palette + Typography

Packaging Design

Website + Social Media



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